Contemplative Sorceress with an Animist Theology in Michigan

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Hello there :)

I'm what I have come to call a Contemplative Sorceress practicing an experiential animistic polytheistic faith where I prefer to cultivate my own insights through mystical experience and contemplative practice, later confirming that experience with in-depth study as I'm led by my Guides and my Goddesses.

I have devotional relationships with two Goddesses.  One I call Paradox, and the other Holle.  Holle was a recent addition - I came to devotional relationship with her just last year and we're still in that getting to know each other phase of things.  My relationship with Paradox goes back many, many years, and she is the primary guide in all my spiritual work.

I am mostly a hermit, working on securing my hermitage and using permaculture practices to turn it into a sustainable homestead.  Long-term goals include building a community of hermitages similar to Christian hermit communities, though with a more diverse spiritual community.

I am very active on Facebook and am currently working on the behind-the-scenes of my blog getting ready to launch in a few weeks.

I don't have a job, I work for myself, making all of my income through what I offer to my audience on Facebook, mostly through donations, the occasional fundraiser, and random sessions people book when they feel moved to.
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Re: Contemplative Sorceress with an Animist Theology
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Welcome Gwynne, and thanks for joining us!

I've seen your work on Facebook and I'm quite impressed with your social media skills. It's great that you're able to support your work that way!

A request for you: since our primary purpose here is to help support the building of monastic infrastructure, we ask that members post their physical location in their profile - preferably in the subject line - so other members can easily scan the introductions for people who might be located near them.

Could you edit your intro to add that info? A general area is fine if you prefer not to post your specific town or city publicly. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing more about your blog launch when it's ready.


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Re: Contemplative Sorceress with an Animist Theology
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Hello Gwynne and welcome :) Congratulations on managing to sustain yourself and your hermitage through your FB donations and fundraisers. I personally find FB very draining but am glad it works for you.