Daughter of the Great Deer Goddess in Lancashire, UK

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Daughter of the Great Deer Goddess in Lancashire, UK
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My name is Jules and I can't remember a time when I wasn't drawn to something greater than yet present within the world around me.  Growing up in a predominantly Christian country, I simply wasn't aware that there was an alternative and found myself training to be a Methodist lay minister at 17 but this didn't fit and for the next 15 years or so I considered myself atheist.  From those early days I was fascinated by monastic life but could never dedicate myself to the only monasticism available; that within the Christian church. 

In my late 30s life took a nose-dive and at 40 I was at a very low ebb.  This difficult time in my life coincided with an inescapable draw back towards something spiritual but as yet an unknown path.  Visionary experiences, dreams and odd occurrences were difficult to understand but the most powerful ones were those where the Great Deer Goddess was present.  Then followed 13 years of both incredible learning, experiences and opportunities combined with deeply painful, stressful life events and health problems.

Finally, in my 50s everything started to make sense and although I cannot commit to a monastic life, being happily married and committed to many other things, I truly wish that such options were open to me in my youth. 

1) How did you become interested in polytheist monasticism?

I think I always have been but it was never an option

2) Where are you located? (a broad general area is fine)

Lancaster (area), Lancashire, UK

3) How did you find this forum?

It was mentioned by Lorna Smithers (also a member here)

So there you have it, the nutshell version of my spiritual life.  Every day is a learning day, an opportunity to draw closer to and honour her and a daily devotion though ritual, prayer and meditation.
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Re: Daughter of the Great Deer Goddess
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Hello Jules,

It's good to see you here and thank you for sharing your story. Perhaps one of the things that can be explored here is how far it is possible to live a monastic life for those devoted to the gods but who also have commitments to family, work, etc. I will look forward to hearing more about your relationship with the Great Deer Goddess.

Re: Daughter of the Great Deer Goddess
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Yes, I would love to explore that with others, and contrast it with the experiences of those who have chosen a more universally understood monastic life.  Thank you to all here who are opening up this subject and inviting discourse and support.


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Re: Daughter of the Great Deer Goddess
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Hi Jules - I'm going through the intros today and encouraging folks to post their location in the subject line, so that other interested members can easily scan the intros for people near them. You mentioned you're in Lancashire in the UK - could you edit the title of your post to mention that? Thanks!

[Follow-up: subject line edited.]
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