Lorna Smithers - Devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd - Penwortham, Lancs, UK

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Lorna Smithers

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1) How did you become interested in polytheist monasticism?

My name’s Lorna Smithers and I am an awenydd, Brythonic polytheist, and devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd. I have had an interest in mystical and monastic traditions since my late teens but didn’t connect with any on an experiential level until the age of 30 when I discovered the Brythonic deities within my landscape, and Gwyn revealed himself as my patron and guided me to my vocation as an awenydd ‘person inspired’.

As I have found myself feeling alone in my level of dedication and devotion to him within Paganism – serving an apprenticeship before making lifelong vows in January 2019 – I have found myself looking to monastic traditions for inspiration and seeking fellow polytheists with similar leanings.

I see my path and practice as having two strands. The first is personal - regular devotions to Gwyn and the gods and spirits of my land and tradition, deepening my gnosis of them by journeying and creating, and living by their myths. The second is wider service in my communities – sharing inspiration online and in public, giving talks and workshops, and holding space for conversation on the mystical side of polytheism and spirit work in forums such as this and in the Awen ac Awenydd group.

I am currently in the process of discerning how my path as an awenydd intersects with monasticism and whether a monastic vocation is ultimately for me. Long term I would like to develop a monastically-inspired centre for worship, learning, and retreat dedicated to the Brythonic gods in the North West of England.

2) Where are you located? (a broad general area is fine)

I live in Penwortham, Lancashire, North West England, UK.

3) How did you find this forum?

Danica Swanson asked me to join as a moderator in April 2019.

*Edited 22/05/2019 to reflect changes in my discernment process.
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Thank you for mentioning this forum Lorna.