Roger (Weeping Crow) - Norse polytheist and would-be hermit in Portland, OR

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My name is Roger, though I go by Weeping Crow or just Crow here, one of the co-founders of this forum and the Black Stone Abbey. I came along this path as a teenager interested in occultism; but while learning Crowley- and Wicca-style Ceremonial Magick, Gods and vaettir started showing up. My two closest deities, Freyja and Skaði, have been with me since the early 2000s. When I decided to pursue the practices of my Norwegian ancestors, along came the rest.

Very early on I had dreams of creating a sanctuary space for worshipers, something like a monastic contemplative retreat; while I feel called to a type of hermit-life, as I've aged the need for this communal space has obviously grown.  Danica and I met after I moved to Portland, after discussing uncanny similarities in our practices and experiences with the Gods. We've come together increasingly to share projects, such as the forum, and certainly more in the future.

I am also a current student majoring in anthropology, with a focus on historical preservation, I'm hoping to tie my skills in there into service for the Gods. Mysticism, animism, hermits and ascetics, the development of spiritual communities, and ancient forms of polytheism are topics for my continued research.

As an LGBT person who has been deeply marginalized in some ways, I am sensitive to the nuances of community space. I hope the forum will grow into a goal-focused community that will support multiple ways of incorporating monastic concepts into our modern-day polytheistic revivals.

Besides writing, I also do a bit of divination, some folk magick, some foraging, and am trying to expand my hand-crafts skills into creating some new sacred art. I am working on a the beginnings of a book on divination for polytheists as well (slowly).