STICKY: Laity General Discussion Posting Guidelines

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STICKY: Laity General Discussion Posting Guidelines
« on: February 28, 2019, 11:19:26 PM »
Laity General Discussion Posting Guidelines

"Laity" refers to people who are interested enough in polytheist monasticism to read and/or participate in this forum, but who do not identify as votary (monastics, i.e. aspiring or practicing nuns or monks). The laity category includes friends of the monastics, family members, members of the press, students, and so on. The Main Hall of the forum (that's what you're reading right now) is our online "community center" where we engage in religious outreach work, address questions from the public, discuss topics of general interest, and post news and updates on our activities.

The Inner Hall or subject-specific areas of the board (the Monastic Development and Library sections) are only visible to members who pay a non-refundable sign-up fee ($5 USD). In the Monastic Development and Library sections, we discuss monastic communities, liturgy, practice, polytheist theology & philosophy, training, practical matters such as legal structures and funding, history, scholarship, book and media reviews, devotional practice, and much more.

Inner Hall discussions are limited to:

  • those who are now - or have previously been - called to monasticism in polytheist/animist traditions
  • those who are seriously discerning such a calling, and
  • those who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to developing and supporting infrastructure for polytheist-animist monasticism in practical ways.

Generally we do not permit advertising, promotional language, or content such as appeals for sales, donations, or crowdfunding contributions, even for longtime members. However, in the Laity forum we do occasionally allow members in good standing to post crowdfunding campaigns and commercial sources of items that are directly relevant to polytheist monastics, such as monastic robes, nun habits, religious statuary, etc. If in doubt, please check with the mods before posting.

Please see the Posting Guidelines for further information.
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