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Info & Updates / Re: Recent Downtime
« Last post by Danica Swanson on August 21, 2019, 10:34:31 PM »
The avatar problem has been solved.

Excellent. Thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes, handling one problem after another. The forum is lucky to have you. Now that everything's back up to speed and functional, let's announce it on the Facebook groups and let people know we can get back to our regularly scheduled discussion. Three weeks of downtime is a lot, and I think some folks wondered if the forum was down for good. So we need to do a little nudging to remind people we're here again.

(P.S. I did notice that the change-over affected your "Positive Asceticism" article - it put a bunch of strange characters in place where the apostrophes were. We need to go through that and replace them all with proper punctuation so it's readable once again.)
Info & Updates / Re: Recent Downtime
« Last post by WeepingCrow on August 21, 2019, 07:46:50 PM »
The avatar problem has been solved.
Info & Updates / Re: Recent Downtime
« Last post by WeepingCrow on August 17, 2019, 06:36:56 PM »
Please note we are still having a problem with displaying and uploading avatars. We're looking into it. The rest of the site should be functional. Thank you for your patience.
Info & Updates / Recent Downtime
« Last post by WeepingCrow on August 13, 2019, 11:47:42 PM »
We want to extend an immense apology for the recent downtime. It was unforeseen, and measures have been put in place to prevent it from happening again.

Our original host was updating software, but didn't provide a warning more than a couple hours before starting. Unfortunately, the updates broke the forum software. While working to fix this, the server suddenly became unavailable without explanation for several days.

The website has been moved to a new, hopefully more reliable host. This was an option available entirely thanks to the generosity of our members. Thank you for your support.

In the future, we'll try to warn the forum when downtime happens. If you ever have questions and the site is unavailable, the staff is available by email at

Thank you to everyone for understanding.

[N.B. - Edited by Danica to remove a typo in the staff email contact address.]
We should definitely chat! How? I have no idea haha... are you on facebook? Is there a chatting option on this forum? And I'm so sorry about your romantic relationship! That sounds like such a difficult choice! I'm glad to hear you haven't been challenged much, it's nice to know that some pagans out there are accepting of us! And me? Successful in my ventures? I'm not so sure haha, I didn't think I was, but maybe I am! Anyways, I am glad to meet you :)
Hey hey! Fellow transman here! So excited to see another self-dedicated priest out there! How did you become a priest? did you make a ritual, a dedication letter? Have you had lots of people challenge your priesthood? And how do you live out your priestly devotions? I'm so excited to meet you!

Hey! I'm probably in the same boat. I was going to make my graphic memoir what ordained me as a priest, but that's a longer term project... and I'm currently in the middle of a really painful crossroads because I think I'm being called away from the first successful romantic relationship I've ever had in my life to only pursue priesthood for the time being. I really like this person and want to pursue them as a life partner, but I'm currently discerning whether that is possible at this time.

Basically, I'm a priest because Apollo considers me one. I don't get many people who challenge me, actually, and quite a few people respect me for answering His call. However, I tend not to interface with too many other pagans at this point. Some groups in my area have popped up, but only just recently. Otherwise, I used to host a social gathering of pagans and the like in my area. I may just have to jump into the community-sided aspect of priesthood while I work on my graphic memoir, but I'd like to self-publish some zines in the mean time.

We should chat! I've been called to do more public ritual, but I'm not quite sure where to start. It sounds like you're doing well in your own pursuits and I'd like to hear more about it!
Laity Discussion / Re: John Michael Greer: Toward a New Monasticism
« Last post by James Miller on July 21, 2019, 06:01:03 PM »
As far as communities I think  Zen Monasteries and Monastic life developing  in the west would be good models to look at. The San Francisco Zen center and the attached Tassajara and Green gulch communities comes to mind. I also think the New Monastic movement like  Shane Claiborne and related groups would also be insightful, esp when looking at married monastics, and folks with careers etc.

I find it challenging to assess what "ordinarily devout" is, and therefore, what constitutes "unusually devout." ...

It's even harder for me to figure out what "ordinarily devout" means in the broader world of Paganism.  It's easier if we start, perhaps, with polytheism as the foundational community, then query what polytheists do in devotion to their gods -- how often, how much, what and when and where and why... and then are there unusually devout folks?  I feel like I don't have enough data of the lay of the polytheist land to understand where I stand on that spectrum.

I think you are on to it here. There needs to be development in the monastic and 'lay' movements (and everything in between). In the development of lay and monastic communities in other traditions you see a back and forth between lay and monastic over time as they shape each other. Polytheism needs the monastic forms to grow and begin to grow so the lay and monastic can develop together similarly.
 I think the language is a bit hard to deal with in this situation. More and less devout sounds judgey.  I know in some groups (like Zen and Eastern Orthodox Church - EOC) some times monks and laity interact a lot. In some places Laity move near the monasteries in order to have some of that spirituality and life while not being monks.
 I have a friend in the EOC who is a monastic in a group in which he lives on his own and goes to a regular parish but lives a monastic rule and has a relation to a monastic order based a couple states away. (this is also a group that is EOC in theology but uses some Anglican forms). He is not seen as more devout- just (called to) on a different path.
I find the spectrum a good thing and I don't think devotion is really the determination between the, it is more about the type of rule they choose for their relation with the divine. Monastic and lay are a part of the same fabric in a community. I knowin some EOC groups family life is called the domestic monastery.

Laity Discussion / Re: John Michael Greer: Toward a New Monasticism
« Last post by Mdaoust245 on July 21, 2019, 03:33:08 PM »
I feel that what really sets aside the polytheist monastic movement from the other pagans I've met and worked with is a) the solitude or communal aspect b) the devotion to individual deities and not necessarily paths and c) just overall seriousness about their spirituality.
I know it may sound shallow but in my experience, these really set apart the polytheist monastics. I don't fit in with the other pagans in my area at all because of this! I'm not saying they're not serious about their paths, but they won't take it to a level of devotional intensity that the monastic movement *seems * to. They don't want to live secluded from society or just dedicate their lives wholly to their path's workings. They tend to see their spirituality as a fun thing they do on the side, or as merely a part of their life, while I find for a monastic, their spirituality IS their whole life. There is also a rigidity of belief that the polytheist monastics have that other non-monastics just don't have. Not that monastics are inflexible, but they're 'solid' in their beliefs? They won't easily be swayed? It's a level of devotion and commitment I guess.
I hope I've brought something constructive to the table! Please be aware I'm speaking from limited awareness of the polytheist movement, so I could be totally wrong.
Lucifer has been with me for so long! After I began dabbling in paganism, I felt myself being called by a being 'like' Cernunnos but not quite...something to do with horns maybe? I dabbled in Satanism, feeling quite the call from Lucifer, but not liking at all what was associated with him. I'm really not sure when I began accepting him as a patron, but my wife was very much like 'stop fighting it and just go with it'. And then he became such a strong presence! When my mental health got really bad, I just reached out to him so much and felt so comforted. Like he really was there with me. I know other deities are there with me, but I feel so connected with Lucifer. I really wish he wasn't associated with the occult, as I'm not fond of that branch and don't associate much with it at all, and that makes it hard to find another luciferian to connect with. I more relate him to other strict underworld deities like Ereshkigal, who should be feared and respected, but aren't necessarily as evil and bloodthirsty (at least to their favourites) as they are painted as being. Anyways that's my rant :)
Welcome to the Forum, Michael!

How did you become involved with Lucifer?
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