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Title: Announcement: Putting the Forum into Hibernation
Post by: Danica Swanson on October 14, 2019, 02:51:10 PM
Greetings, everyone.

After much agonizing, we have decided to put the Polytheist Monastic forum in "extended hibernation" soon. The founders are unable to maintain it, and we have not found anyone who can take the reins.

We put a great deal of time and work into building this community-owned forum, and we still believe in the importance of its mission, so it hurts to make this decision. Sadly, though, we've hit a wall. We've tried everything we can think of and we've run out of options. We don't want to simply leave it in extended stasis.

Here's a longer explanation of the combination of factors that brought us to this decision:

* We were hurt badly by three weeks of unplanned downtime, and we're STILL experiencing tech issues (e.g., the Knowledge Base, including the FAQ and info pages, can't even be seen). We've been unable to find a proper fix, even after WeepingCrow relocated the forum to a more reliable web host.

* WeepingCrow, who is the back-end tech person, is now unavailable due to a jam-packed school and work schedule. We've been unable to find a tech person to take over his duties, or even to serve as a backup.

* I cannot carry the full workload and responsibility of community management and content admin work myself, especially not on a volunteer basis with no tech backup (plus a day job and many other commitments.) Wonderful as our moderators have been, the forum's needs still exceed our collective capacities.

* For a variety of reasons, many members are no longer contributing here, despite having expressed continued interest.

* Although we put out several calls for help through our networks over the past couple of months, no one else stepped up that has the necessary combination of skills, interest, and availability.

All things considered, we decided we preferred to let it hibernate rather than allow it to remain visible but in extended limbo. We know that there is still a lot of interest in the subject matter…but we don't see any viable alternative that doesn't rely on huge amounts of unpaid labor from people who are already overloaded.

WeepingCrow and I will pay the hosting and domain renewal costs while it's in hibernation. We'll keep the database and all the forum posts preserved exactly as they are, and we'll keep the domain name active.

We plan to "put it into extended sleep" on November 5th, six months after we launched it. After that date, when you visit polytheistmonastic.com you'll simply see a message that we're in extended hibernation and we hope to wake up again around the time that Janet Munin's anthology on polytheistic monasticism is published.

In the meantime, we're happy to answer questions and direct our members to other resources. You can always contact the staff at:

polytheistmonastic [at] gmail.com

Best wishes to you all, and we sincerely hope we'll see you here again one day.

- Danica Swanson and Roger Finney (WeepingCrow)
Co-Founders of Black Stone Abbey and polytheistmonastic.com
Title: Re: Announcement: Putting the Forum into Hibernation
Post by: Danica Swanson on November 05, 2019, 09:54:00 PM
Update: We've received several requests to leave the forum posts public for awhile longer, especially the Call For Submissions for Janet Munin's upcoming anthology on polytheistic monasticism. So feel free to keep reading the forum for now.

I'll provide advance notice of any further changes.